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Refurbishing / Building

Should you wish to purchase a house needing important renovation work or a plot of land to build a new home, we can guide you towards the most appropriate architects and interior designers depending on your needs, the location of the house and the architectural style: contemporary, classical, or historcally listed buildings.

Internal renovation, no matter how important it is, does not require a building permit. However, you will need to have serious and competent companies to carry the work out succesfully.
We can also recommend decorators and builders for this kind of project.

If you are contemplating extending an existing house or heavy refurbishment work, you will need a construction permit, if it has not already been not obtained by the owner, and we can introduce you to the best local architects.

Of course, this can generate a delay but then again you will be sure that the project will be carried out to a satisfactiry level of quality and will meet your needs.

If you wish to buy a buildable plot of land you will need to designate an architect adapted to your project to prepare the plans and documentation necessary for obtaining the necessary legal authoristaion

Where necessary we will oversee the preparation of the preliminary purchase contract and the final sale’s contract in order to secure your acquisition with the right clauses and conditions in respect to obtaining planning permission.

Our multilingual team is ready to assist in all the steps of your project, do not hesitate to contact us for any question in relation with an acquisition project that will involve refurbishment. or building.

With our partners and recommendations, architects, decorators and builders your project will be in safe hands.

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